Charles Stepney

Charles Stepney is the mastermind of seminal records from the likes of Minnie Riperton, Ramsey Lewis and Earth Wind & Fire. His influence on music has impacted generations of pop, r&b and hiphop musical icons.

Artists, critics and collectors often compare him to legends such as Quincy Jones and George Martin. But he worked mostly behind the scenes, little more than album credit to those outside of the industry, and passed away at 45 without gaining his due recognition.

Today, Stepney remains a mystery – a rarity in the age of the internet. Until now…

Available until Q1 2022


The magnitude of Charles Stepney’s work cannot be truly appreciated without acknowledging the vast number of artist who have sampled his work in some of their hit songs. 

Here is a small sample of artists who have given their stamp of approval available in this NFT collection.