Slasher Party 1 is a story about a group of social media influencers go to an afterparty in a Hollywood Hills mansion only to find themselves the target of a ruthless masked killer. This NFT gives holders the ultimate fan experience. The Slasher Party NFT drops 10-13-22. 

INTRODUCING: The Slasher Party NFT Collection from writer / director Tony Villalobos includes the original film, a dozen merchandise options, a 1 year subscription to Frightener TV, The Slasher Party sound track, a producers credit on the sequel, PLUS a share of the revenue generated from the Frightener channel on Lookhu. Check out some of what you get below.

Be a part of the production and meet the cast and crew. This time things will be even bigger and better.

This feature is graced by some of social medias rising stars like Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Tonio-Skits, Timothy DeLaGhetto, Kinsey Wolanski, Sarah McDanielJohannes Bartl, and many others. Join the cast for the Sequel!

Director Tony Villalobos said, “I find the idea of ‘Hollywood‘ and the lifestyle associated with it very fascinating. TV networks, websites, and magazines have all created an industry on wanting to know what it’s really like behind the scenes. And having observed [these] situations first hand, this film became a passion project for me. I want people to say to themselves, ‘that can’t be true… can it?’ This blurs the line between reality and fiction, and working with influencers and established actors (some portraying themselves) this movie was an opportunity for me to do something unique by bringing both groups together to share the silver screen and be a part of the experience.”
Tracks From Slasher Party 1
"She Wanna" - by M A E S T R O & Rich the Kid
"Night Crawler" Written & Performed by Chris Webby
"Bad Boy" Written & performed by Aryia
"Faded" Written & Performed by Justina Valentine
"Death 2 Soundcloud" Performed by Kid Buu
"Los Kilos Se Mueven" Performed by R1 (feat. Lito Kirino, Nejo)
“Reloaded” Performed by RSK
“2AM” Written & Performed by Noah Jvmes
“For My City” Written & Performed by Alexander Gold
“Rich Flair” written & performed by R1
"Better Off Dead" written & performed by Ray J
"We $tar$" written & performed by The Classmates
"Vader" written & performed by Costa Titch
"Hella Feelings" - written and performed by Sole


Fans get exclusive BTS from the movie shoot.

The Slasher Party BTS collection includes never before seen footage and stills of the cast and crew. It could be you  in part two.

You’ll  find these items along side the films featured on the Frightener channel exclusively on Lookhu.

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