“Good Without Ya” NFT

With the release of the “Good Without Ya” single, Thea Lissi takes the best parts of R&B and pop and creates a sound familiar but all her own. Laced with soulful overtones, youthful energy, and a deep groove, the song grabs you with its infectious swagger and comes through with an anthemic backbone.

Available until 1/24/21 at 12am CST


“Good Without Ya” is a proclamation of sorts, reminding myself that I am good without toxic relationships. In my past, I needed validation from guys to make myself feel like I was enough.”


Thea Lissi began her creative process when she was just a child writing poetry and music… , and having dealt with abuse, poverty, and more, Lissi had a lot to write about.

After a daughter, marriage, and a divorce, Lissi found herself wanting to get back to the things that she loved. So, music and writing came flooding back to her again.

She soon found herself healing as she recorded three more songs and now, signed with Payn Kyller Records “Good Without Ya” will be her first single as a signed artist with this label.

The single serves as a testament to where she is at in her healing journey and Lissi is passionate about using her music to help others and continue ‘Making Music That Moves You’

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Thea Lissi

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